Our Vision: To ensure the most successful outcomes for all our pupils especially those with special and/or educational needs through a shared moral purpose and the development of outstanding practice across the Alliance.

School Direct Salaried

 Cricket Green School Direct Programme with e-Qualitas

We are looking for applicants who have the potential to become outstanding teachers, who are able to work independently on their studies whilst training in a school context.

These personal attributes include:

  • A keen sense of humour, 
  • Good organisational skills, 
  • The ability to reflect and develop, 
  • Creativity and imagination, 
  • Professional integrity and humility, 
  • Ability to work supportively in a team, 
  • Good communication skills, 
  • High levels of emotional intelligence, 
  • Resilience and determination to succeed

Academic requirements 

In line with our provider eQualitas, priority is given to applicants who have at least grade B in GCSE English and GCSE maths(or the equivalent 'O' levels or IGCSEs). Unfortunately adult literacy or adult numeracy are not accepted.

If you do not meet the GCSE requirement, you can do an equivalence test. We recognise the tests offered by Equivalency Testing: www.equivalencytesting.co.uk.  

Priority is given to applicants who have at least a 2:1 Honours degree. Applicants with a 2:2 degree with a Master's degree are also given priority. Overseas qualifications must be checked for UK equivalence by NARIC. 

These entry requirements are in line with our provider eQualitas.

Other qualifications and experience

Preference is shown to applicants who have experience or study related to education so that they have a good starting point to further their knowledge, skills and understanding of the teaching role and its responsibilities. 

In addition, all candidates applying for initial teacher training (ITT) are required to have passed the literacy and numeracy professional skills tests before starting teacher training. For further guidance on the professional skills tests please click here.

Suitability for teaching

All offers of places are subject to a Disclosure and Barring service (DBS) enhanced disclosure with list check. If you are offered a place, you will be asked to provide a signed declaration relating to any police record.

All trainee teachers must also meet the Secretary of State's requirements for physical and mental health. In practice few health problems preclude applicants from teaching, and so we welcome applicants from people with disabilities. 


Each interview will be carried out by at least one senior member of staff and follow the normal equal opportunities and safe recruitment procedures. The interview will take up to one day and is broken into four parts:
  • Group interview
The group interview will test your interpersonal skills, responsiveness to other people's ideas, skills in expressing an opinion and backing it up with evidence.
  • Individual interview
This will give us the opportunity to explore your knowledge, motivation, preparedness and experience in depth.
  • Pupil interview
A selection of pupils will meet you to see how you interact with children and young adults.
  • Teaching
You may be asked to teach a short lesson to a select group of pupils so that we can assess the quality of your teaching.   


2VM3 - School Direct Programme with London South Bank University (LSBU)

Academic requirements

  • UK or equivalent degree (2:2 or above). This may be in any subject and does not have to be a National Curriculum subject  
  • GCSE (Grade C or above) in English, Maths and Science
  • A positive reference that highlights the candidate's suitability to become a teacher
  • All candidates are required to have passed the Professional skills tests in literacy and numeracy within 8 weeks of the interview date. 
  • If you studied outside the UK, you should visit the National Academic Recognition Centre (NARIC) website to find out whether your qualifications are of an equivalent level to UK GCSE's, A Levels and an undergraduate degree

Personal requirements 

A coherent written personal statement that demonstrates:

  • Enthusiasm for teaching and learning 
  • Experience of and commitment to working with young or adult learners in a special educational needs setting 
  • Appreciation of diversity and how equality is promoted through education 
  • How your individual qualities and experiences would be an asset in a teaching/learning environment 

Skills and aptitudes we are looking for: 

  • Very high standards of written and spoken English
  • Strong standards in numeracy 
  • Strong standards in ICT 
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills 
  • Excellent organisation skills and ability to manage one's workload and time effectively 

Other experience and qualifications

All applicants should meet the entry criteria above. In addition, your personal written statement should include the following: 

  • Demonstrate an understanding of, and commitment, to the Centre for Education and School Partnerships Equality and Diversity statement (see previous section for details) 
  • An awareness of current issues in education 
  • Effective oral and written communication skills in English 
  • It is essential that all our applicants have experience of working with young or adult learners in a formal or informal setting. The more experience you have, the stronger your application will be. It is desirable, although not essential to have spent some time in UK Primary Schools. 

Selection Process 

Perseid School is the lead school in the partnership and will be coordinating the recruitment process. We anticipate the interview process will consist of two stages and will involve a visit to LSBU and will incorporate English and Maths tests and an interview, before successful candidates are invited to Perseid School. This day will include a tour of the school, classroom observation on set criteria and an interview. Our University partner, LSBU, will be involved throughout the day. MSTA and LSBU will make joint offers to successful candidates.


2VM2 - School Direct Mainstream Primary Programme with St Mary's University  

Academic requirements 

Most successful applicants will have a 2:1 degree classification or better although we are also prepared to accept candidates with a 2:2 degree classification if he or she is able to provide additional evidence of potential, such as the award of a higher degree or substantial relevant professional experience.

 Candidates will also need at least 5 GCSEs including a grade C or above in English Language, Mathematics and Science (or equivalent qualifications).

 If a candidate studied outside of the UK, they should visit the National Academic Recognition centre (NARIC) website to find out whether their qualifications are of an equivalent level to UK GCSEs, A Levels and an undergraduate degree.

Work experience 

Candidates for the salaried programme will also need three years full time (or equivalent) work experience in any field.

School experience 

Prior to application, it is a requirement that candidates undertake at least two weeks school experience in the age group that they are training to teach in. These two weeks are an important and integral element of the course, providing candidates with the opportunity to observe a variety of teaching styles and to engage in some initial group and class teaching.

 It is advisable to gain experience in different schools to broaden experience.

Professional skills tests

Candidates are required to have passed the Professional Skills Tests in numeracy and literacy before they start the course. These can be taken as soon as candidates apply for the course and we ask that candidates book them (through the DfE) promptly after application.

These tests are distinct from any MSTA or St Mary's tests at interview.

Medical fitness 

Teaching is physically and mentally demanding, and there are fitness requirements set by the Department for Education for applicants to initial teacher training programmes.  Host schools will require candidates to complete a relevant health questionnaire.

DBS/Prohibition checks 

We have a duty to protect children and vulnerable adults, and to ensure that they are not put at risk by student teachers whose previous conduct shows that they are unsuitable for access to these vulnerable groups.

If candidates are offered a place on the QTS programme, they will be required to undertake a DBS/prohibition check through the host school.

Personal requirements 

We are looking for candidates with the following attributes:

  • An ability to communicate clearly and grammatically in written and spoken English;
  • Ability to show speaking, reading and listening skills and sufficient understanding of educational language and terminology to be able to respond appropriately at interview (and in school);
  • Awareness of and sensitivity to children's physical, social, emotional and cognitive needs and to the range of attitudes and behaviours displayed by children in school;
  • Enthusiasm for teaching, while recognising the range of ability and motivation of pupils you will encounter;
  • Knowledge of current educational issues, both general and subject-specific;
  • An openness to learning, including a willingness to unlearn rules and experiences in order to adapt to current and future good practice in teaching and learning;
  • At least basic computer literacy skills, with a commitment to developing these both for personal and pedagogical use;
  • Openness to advice, guidance and positive professional criticism as part of development;
  • Personal professionalism, including diligence, organisation, smartness of dress, punctuality and a commitment to full attendance;
  • Ability to shoulder individual responsibility but also to work collaboratively as a member of a team;
  • Good health, physical and mental, with ability and strategies to cope with stress often generated by the demands of the course and of the teaching profession;
  • Commitment to equal opportunities and sensitivity to the variety of communities represented in our partner schools;
  • A sense of humour;
  • A vision of teaching that is engaging and exciting for pupils and teachers alike;
  • A can do attitude.


Selection Process 

 The host school considers applicants who have applied to a programme based at their school and returns a shortlisting sheet for each candidate back to MSTA. Host schools are required to follow various quality assurance procedures in this shortlisting process which is monitored by MSTA.On receipt of the shortlisting sheets we either reject a candidate on UCAS or invite them for interview. Rejected candidates are welcome to contact MSTA for feedback.

 For our primary programme with St Mary's, there is a two stage interview process.  All shortlisted candidates are required to attend an initial university interview first.  If this is passed successfully, candidates proceed to a school interview.

 If shortlisted for interview, we will upload the first interview date to UCAS and shortly afterwards we will email candidates to confirm both interview dates and to provide further details regarding the school interview. The university would contact candidates separately about arrangements for the initial university interview.

 Applicants should regularly check changes on UCAS and spam email folders as candidates sometimes miss interviews because the email was in a junk folder.

The interview email will ask candidates to confirm their attendance at the interview and will supply the relevant email addresses for this reply.


The university interview would include some time for the university registry team to verify various identification documents and qualification certificates. Candidates may be required to undertake group tasks with other candidates.  The university will confirm details of their process to candidates directly.

The school interview is likely to include a tour of the school; literacy/numeracy tests; a classroom exercise and panel interview.


If we make an offer, we will email candidates, but candidates would need to read the content of the offer on UCAS.  This would normally be conditional upon various things such as DBS clearance; and possibly on candidates providing verification of their degree at a particular level,or GCSE certificates if we have not yet seen the originals etc.

 Occasionally offers are made subject to a candidate gaining a little more school experience.

 Candidates are entitled to wait for the outcome to all their applications before accepting an offer on UCAS and we fully support this.

 If candidates did however make up their mind to accept our offer before hearing back from other programmes, then they would have to withdraw from the others on UCAS in order to be able to upload their acceptance.

 No further formal paperwork regarding the programme would be issued from MSTA or St Mary's university until the offer had been accepted on UCAS.